Municipal Law

General, Special, and Litigation Counsel to Municipalities

At Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. we offer a full range of legal services to our numerous municipal clients including towns, villages, cities, special use districts and other local governmental entities.  Our lawyers serve as general counsel, special counsel and litigation counsel to these various entities and their officials and employees.  Because the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. devotes a majority of its practice to serving the specific needs of municipal entities, the firm prides itself in two principles underscoring our dedication to these clients and our small firm values:

          “As a general rule, we do not represent citizen groups in matters involving municipal matters.”

          “As an absolute rule, we never represent developers.”

Municipal law is probably one of the broadest areas of legal practice.

Municipal law covers a wide range of issues, including everything from interpreting the open meetings law; responding to public records requests; drafting ordinances; prosecuting violations; implementing special assessments and special charge; creating, monitoring and closing TIF districts; reviewing and drafting contracts; zoning code interpretation and enforcement; land division regulation and property taxes issues as well as all areas of litigation.

On a daily basis, our municipal law attorneys offer their extensive knowledge and experience in the broad array of complex legal issues facing all levels of municipal government, public entities and public officials and employees:

Municipal Representation

  • City Council Representation
  • Village Board Representation
  • Town Board Representation
  • Planning Commission Representation
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Representation
  • Board of Tax Review Representation
  • Police and Fire Commission Representation
  • Special Districts & Shared Services Representation

Land Use

  • Annexation
  • Incorporation
  • Zoning including wetland, shoreland and floodplain
  • Municipal planning
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Platting
  • Subdivisions
  • Conditional and special uses
  • Variances
  • Board of Appeals
  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Easements
  • Utilities and telecommunication
  • Environmental matters and disputes

Records, Meetings, Ordinances and Actions

  • Public Records Law
  • Open Meetings Law
  • Data privacy
  • Ordinances – review, drafting and re-codification
  • Notice, publication, enforcement and constitutional standards

Finance and Revenues

  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Opinions on municipal property taxes, assessments and fees
  • Bonding
  • Board of Review hearings and tax valuation appeals

Contracts and Purchasing

  • Contracting
  • Intermunicipal agreements
  • Mutual aid agreements
  • Bids and specifications
  • Construction

Municipal Prosecutor Services

  • Civil Infractions Actions
  • Citation Prosecution
  • Ordinance Enforcement

Licensing and Regulation

  • Nuisances – regulation and abatement
  • Liquor licensing and regulation

Eminent Domain and Takings

  • Regulatory – inverse condemnations
  • Eminent Domain/condemnation for public purposes

Development and Redevelopment

  • Economic Development Authorities
  • Redevelopment Authorities
  • Development Agreements
  • Housing Authorities

General Counseling

  • Risk management
  • Defense of claims
  • Wide variety of regulatory and constitutional issues.

Please contact the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. today to find out how we can help you fulfill your mission of providing necessary public services.