Practice Areas

In addition to our municipal practice, Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. provides a full range of legal services in a range of legal practice areas, including:

Municipal Litigation

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C.’s litigation services complement those of its municipal practice as our lawyers defend municipal entities, public officials and employees in courts throughout Wisconsin.  Our firm has represented municipalities in all manner of litigation in administrative, state and federal courts.  We have defended municipalities in cases ranging from personal injury claims to civil rights suits to contract actions to condemnation proceedings to contested case hearings involving environmental impact issues.  Our ability to represent so many municipalities on such a wide variety of litigation is due, in part, to our status as counsel for local governments.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. has defended a wide variety of lawsuits arising out of actions taken by public employees and elected officials in the course of executing their duties. Our knowledge has been trusted to protect these public entities in a wide range of legal matters, such as:

  • Land use litigation including zoning and subdivision of land, conditional uses, permits and variances
  • Condemnation and eminent domain
  • Decision-making liability of administrators, officials and municipal employees
  • Section 1983 civil rights claims including equal protection, due process, takings, the Fourth Amendment and RLUIPA
  • Constitutional challenges to ordinances
  • Public records and open meetings litigation
  • Discrimination claims
  • General negligence
  • Property damage
  • Deprivation of property rights
  • Hiring and promotion decisions by police and fire department commissions
  • Regulation of adult uses
  • Insurance and coverage issues
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Administrative proceedings including contested case hearings

Additionally, we are retained directly by municipalities and other public agencies when a conflict in representation has arisen.  Our firm also coordinates litigation with our municipalities’ liability insurance carriers and represents municipalities with cases involving uninsured risks. Our attorneys strive to coordinate the municipality’s defense so as to minimize legal costs to the municipality.

While we try to avoid lawsuits for our municipal clients, litigation can sometimes be inevitable.  When lawsuit arise, we respond swiftly and we provide our clients timely updates on the status of their case, possible outcomes, relevant strategies and effective ways to control costs and obtain positive results.  Please contact the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. today to find out how we can help provide quality representation to your municipality, its officials, employees or municipal insurer for your litigation needs.

Civil Rights Claims and Litigation

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C.’s litigation defense attorneys are dedicated to defending against Section 1983 civil rights litigation claims and lawsuits against elected officials, city staff, police officers, jail officers, other government professionals, and governmental boards and entities.  Such claims and lawsuits cover a broad array of alleged wrongdoing ranging from police cases, jail cases, land use and employment law cases.

Police Cases:  Our civil rights litigation defense attorneys have extensive and successful experience in the defense of such lawsuits claiming excessive force, false arrest, search and seizure, malicious prosecution, selective enforcement, the violation of First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion, the violation of Equal Protection rights, and the violation of the rights to Procedural and Substantive Due Process.

Jail Cases:  Defense of jail facilities is another area in which Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C.’s team of civil rights litigation defense attorneys have extensive experience defending against inmates bringing claims involving medical care, excessive force, neglect or mistreatment or conditions of confinement.

Land Use Cases:  Our lawyers have also achieved outstanding results in defending Section 1983 civil rights claims arising from land use determinations such as zoning decisions, special uses, development agreements, planning and condemnation, among many other issues.  Our attorneys have also defended matters involving the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), which governs the ability of municipalities to control the establishment of religious uses through zoning and land use regulations.

Employment Law Cases:  Another prominent area of civil rights litigation include claims and lawsuits challenging employment decisions by the public employer. Our attorneys can help you determine the veracity of any claim, offer counsel regarding policies and compliance, and act as litigator or advocate when an employment claim arises.  We have broad litigation experience at the administrative, trial and appellate levels which ranges from age, race and sex and gender discrimination claims, to disability discrimination claims and First Amendment retaliation claims.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. is pleased to assist you in defending against these numerous municipal liability cases.

Insurance Coverage

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. attorneys have handled a broad spectrum of insurance coverage issues. We have provided many insurance coverage opinions as to various insurance policies issued to public entities including general liability, property and casualty policies and professional liability policies.  Our attorneys have also handled complex coverage litigation involving the insurer’s duties and obligations and have prosecuted and defended declaratory judgment lawsuits. Our attorneys have vast experience in all aspects of insurance coverage issues including:

  • Insurance coverage and evaluation
  • Applicability of exclusions
  • Priority of coverage
  • Duty to defend
  • Bad Faith
  • Reservation of rights & denial letters

Please contact the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. today if you need consultation on your insurance coverage needs.

Appellate Advocacy

For many decades, the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. attorneys have handled appeals for municipalities before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of Wisconsin, Seventh Circuit and United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys have written numerous briefs and argued countless cases.  We are proud of the successes we have achieved for our clients, including precedent-setting decisions.

Our attorneys who specialize in appellate practice have kept pace with the increasingly complicated rules and procedures governing appeals. Effective appellate advocacy requires knowledge of the technical aspects of appeals, objectivity and judicial perspective and the art of crafting effective written and oral arguments.

While many of the clients the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. represents on appeal are clients we represented in the trial court, many others are referred to our firm by outside law firms who do not specialize in appellate litigation.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your appellate needs.  Please contact us today if you need consultation on appellate strategy or litigation.

Mediation Services

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. provides mediation and arbitration services to help their clients resolve their civil claims without the time and expense of litigation.  On an ongoing basis, our attorneys work with clients to determine the method that will be most beneficial for the resolution of disputes or legal claims.

Our experienced attorneys are uniquely qualified based upon our history of representing municipal entities and their officials and insurers to guide legal disputes to satisfying resolutions.

Please contact the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. if you would like to learn more about how our experience can work toward resolving your dispute.

Real Estate

Our practice in the areas of land use and municipal law requires us to be familiar with the various levels of complexity and sophistication related to real estate transactions. Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. attorneys have many decades of experience in drafting and negotiating complex real estate deals and contracts on behalf of municipalities and dealing with corporate and individual sellers and buyers of commercial and residential real estate.

Our experience in land use approvals gives us the knowledge necessary to anticipate the requirements necessary to protect our municipal clients. We have handled development agreements, sophisticated easements, complex options, distressed real estate situations including refinancing and foreclosure and real estate deals involving multi-million dollar projects for all manner of commercial and residential developments. Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. has worked with their municipal clients when dealing with real estate developers, condominium and community associations, lenders, contractors, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, real estate investment trusts, real estate investors, landlords, tenants, as well as buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. represents municipal clients during every phase of real estate acquisition, finance, development, land use, brokerage, appraisal, survey, leasing, ownership, sale, and management and all the way through situations involving distressed and foreclosed real estate.  When representing a municipal seller, Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. can order any title insurance or survey required by the transaction, make sure that any defects in title are cleared before closing, and assist with the preparation of the deed, closing statement, and other documents required to be produced by the seller at the closing. When representing a municipal buyer, Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. maintains contact with both the buyer and the buyer’s lender to make sure the loan application is timely approved, loan documents and closing documents are properly prepared, title insurance is procured and any property inspection or environmental inspection are undertaken and satisfied.

Please feel free to contact the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. today to learn more about how we can help your municipality with your real estate needs.

Environmental Law

Federal, state and local environmental regulations impact every aspect of property ownership and development, and the attorneys at Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. have decades of experience dealing with this complex array of regulations.  We work with our client’s officials, administrators, engineers and other consultants in resolving problems related to such environmental issues.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. attorneys have worked to ensure compliance with environmental regulations ranging from wetlands issues, brownsfields and remediation and working with clients in evaluating potential environmental issues related to the purchase or sale of property.  We have experience in environmental issues involving waste disposal, underground disposal of hazardous substances, migration of contaminants such as methane gas, petroleum storage tanks and other environmental issues which may have an adverse effect on communities and which often impact the land use plans and municipal development.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C.’s unique combination of transactional experience enables our firm to provide not only general legal advice to municipalities on planning and land use issues, but also consultation and advocacy on many aspects of land use, real estate and environmental law.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. welcomes the opportunity to assist your municipality with a problem related to an environmental issue.  Please contact our office to determine if we can be of assistance in such matters.

Public Finance

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. provides their municipal clients with assistance and representation in all aspects of public finance including property tax assessment, exemption and classification appeals and grants, loans and economic development.

Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. clients have sought our guidance and advice in the formation of tax increment financing districts, special assessment districts, tax exemption matters, general property tax interpretation and application, tax foreclosure issues, application of federal bankruptcy statutes on the collection of taxes and assessment disputes, and other taxation and public finance issues.  We assist in every aspect of the tax increment financing process, including creating the TIF financing district, drafting the development plans and negotiating contracts.

In addition to our legal work, Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. attorneys have taught on how to conduct board of review hearings and decide tax valuation appeals.

If we can assist your municipality with public finance issues, please contact the Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. today.