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Our Practice

General, Special, and Litigation Counsel to Municipalities

At Municipal Law & Litigation Group, S.C. we offer a full range of legal services to our numerous municipal clients including towns, villages, cities, special use districts and other local governmental entities.  Our lawyers serve as general counsel, special counsel and litigation counsel to these various entities and their officials and employees.  We so thoroughly dedicate our practice to municipalities, that one of our founding principles is: “We do not represent citizen groups, developers, or any other private parties in matters involving any municipality.”

In our role as “General Counsel,” we serve as the general legal counsel on a daily basis to over 50 municipalities and related governmental entities.


In our role as “Special Counsel,” we are retained on legal projects requiring experience on a particular subject when the client is without general counsel services, its counsel lacks such specialization or its counsel has a conflict of interests.  Such work may relate to development matters of all kinds, to tax incremental financing, to oversight of attorneys who have been assigned the defense of a municipality by its insurance carrier.


In our role as “Litigation Counsel,” we represent several insurance risk pools whose members include only local governments, related entities and their officials and employees.  These members and the claims and lawsuits against them take our litigation practice throughout Wisconsin and in all federal and state courts and administrative forums.


Municipal law covers a wide range of issues, including everything from counseling on open government laws; drafting ordinances; prosecuting violations; resolving land use issues; handling tax assessment matters; reviewing and drafting contracts; zoning code interpretation and enforcement; land division regulation and property taxes issues as well as all areas of litigation.

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